USBRS: You can double your donation this week!

May is Bike Month, so what better time to raise money for the US Bicycle Route System (USBRS)!  AdventureCycling Association, the lead to create the USBRS, is running a fundraising campaign this month for the USBRS and Washington Bikes is participating as Team Washington.

What is the USBRS?  Imagine an interstate highway system for bikes…mapped, signed and officially recognized network of routes crisscrossing our country and created with the bike traveler in mind.  This network of bike routes would connect urban centers, parks, landmarks and other popular destinations, and travel through some of the best scenery that America has to offer.
Why is the Bicycle Alliance involved?  We have partnered with Adventure Cycling to create the planned bike routes for Washington State.  We’re already working with Washington State Dept of Transportation (WSDOT) on USBRS Route 10, the northern route across our state.  If you make a donation to the USBRS campaign through our Team WA fundraising page, a portion of the money raised (20%) will be dedicated to the USBRS efforts in our state.
And thanks to AdventureCORPS, you can double your donation if you make it this week!  AdventureCORPS is offering to match $1000 in donations made this week.  This is a great week to give to the campaign and double your support of the USBRS.
Please make your donation today.  Just go to our Team WA fundraising page and make a contribution to the USBRS.  You can donate as little as $10 to qualify for the match from AdventureCORPS.
Build it. Bike it. Be a Part of It.
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