Why Washington Bikes endorses

Washington Bikes endorses electoral candidates at all levels of government. Endorsement and support are given to candidates who commit to or have a record of making communities better for people on bikes — through growing local economies, improving health outcomes, or creating safer streets and roadways. Additionally, Washington Bikes makes endorsements of ballot measures which will benefit Washington communities through bolstering or protecting transportation choices, supporting outdoor recreation, and working to safely connect neighborhoods and cities.

Washington Bikes endorsement policy

All recommendations for endorsement are based on five factors:  

  1. Positions are based on the written questionnaire or in-person interview.
  2. Issue Record is based on the candidate having a record of support or opposition to our interests.
  3. Approachability is based on whether the candidate expressed a willingness to work on safety, health and economic development issues germane to bicycling. Did the candidate demonstrate an openness and willingness to engage and are they approachable/accessible?
  4. Viability is an evaluation of electability, based on whether the candidate has a legitimate opponent, fundraising and organizing capacity, and endorsements.
  5. Experience is based on the candidate’s reputation and leadership positions within the community, years of elected service, or requisite experience to succeed in public office.

2023 Primary + General Election Endorsements

Washington Bikes will endorse a handful of demonstrated elected bike champions ahead of the August primary election. We will announce primary election endorsements in June 2023. We will endorse candidates in a broader slate of races for the general election. To be considered for an endorsement in the general election, candidates must complete a questionnaire either via invitation or by request. To request a candidate questionnaire (after August 15) please email info@wabikes.org.  

2022 General Election Endorsements

State Senate District 21:  Marko Liias

State Senate District 26:  Emily Randall

State Senate District 27:  Yasmin Trudeau

State Senate District 30:  Claire Wilson

State Senate District 34:  Joe Nguyen

State Senate District 37:  Rebecca Saldaña

State Senate District 42: Sharon Shewmake

State Senate District 44: John Lovick

House District 1:  Shelley Kloba

House District 3: Marcus Riccelli

House District 5:  Bill Ramos

House District 11: David Hackney

House District 22: Beth Doglio

House District 27:  Jake Fey

House District 29: Sharlett Mena

House District 30:  Jamila Taylor

House District 30: Kristine Reeves

House District 34:  Joe Fitzgibbon

House District 34: Emily Alvarado

House District 36:  Liz Berry

House District 36:  Julia Reed

House District 37: Chipalo Street

House District 38: Mary Fosse    

House District 40:  Alex Ramel

House District 41:  My-Linh Thai

House District 46:  Darya Farivar

House District 47:  Deb Entenman

House District 47:  Chris Stearns

House District 48:  Vandana Slatter

House District 49:  Sharon Wylie

Endorsed Ballot Measures

Vote YES on King County Prop 1: Conservation Futures. More information
Vote YES on City of Lake Stevens Prop 1: Transportation Benefit District. More information


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More about Washington Bikes’ endorsements:

Following the 2016 merger of Cascade Bicycle Club (becoming a 501(c)(3) organization) and Washington Bikes (emerging as a 501(c)(4) organization), Washington Bikes assumed all endorsements and electoral responsibilities for bicycling statewide.