Why Washington Bikes endorses

Washington Bikes endorses electoral candidates at all levels of government. Endorsement and support are given to candidates who commit to or have a record of making communities better for people on bikes — through growing local economies, improving health outcomes, or creating safer streets and roadways. Additionally, Washington Bikes makes endorsements of ballot measures which will benefit Washington communities through bolstering or protecting transportation choices, supporting outdoor recreation, and working to safely connect neighborhoods and cities.

Washington Bikes endorsement policy

All recommendations for endorsement are based on five factors:  

  1. Positions are based on the written questionnaire or in-person interview.
  2. Issue Record is based on the candidate having a record of support or opposition to our interests.
  3. Approachability is based on whether the candidate expressed a willingness to work on safety, health and economic development issues germane to bicycling. Did the candidate demonstrate an openness and willingness to engage and are they approachable/accessible?
  4. Viability is an evaluation of electability, based on whether the candidate has a legitimate opponent, fundraising and organizing capacity, and endorsements.
  5. Experience is based on the candidate’s reputation and leadership positions within the community, years of elected service, or requisite experience to succeed in public office.

2023 General Election Endorsements

Issue Endorsement: Vote Yes on Bellingham Greenways 5

Candidate Endorsements:

Jurisdiction Position Endorsed Candidate
Bainbridge Island City Council District 4 Leslie Schneider
Bellevue City Council Position 1 John Stokes
Bellevue City Council Position 3 Mo Malakoutian
Bellevue City Council Position 4 Janice Zahn
Bellingham City Council At large Jace Cotton
Bellingham Mayor (dual) Seth Fleetwood & Kim Lund
Bremerton City Council District 2 Denise Frey
Bremerton City Council District 4 Jane Rebelowski
Bremerton City Council District 6 Anna Mockler
Bothell City Council Position 2 Mason Thompson
Bothell City Council Position 4 Carston Curd
Bothell City Council Position 6 Amanda Dodd
Edmonds City Council Position 1 Chris Eck
Edmonds City Council Position 4 Mackey Guenther
Edmonds City Council Position 6 Susan Paine
Everett City Council At Large Pos 6 Demi Chatters
Issaquah City Council Position 6 Victoria Hunt
Kenmore City Council Position 1 Melanie O’Cain
Kenmore City Council Position 3 Valerie Sasson
Kenmore City Council Position 7 Nathan Loutsis
King County Council District 2 Girmay Zahilay
King County Council District 4 Jorge L. Barón
King County Council District 6 Claudia Balducci
King County Council District 8 Teresa Mosqueda
Kirkland City Council Position 2 Kelli Curtis
Kirkland City Council Position 4 John Tymczyszyn
Kirkland City Council Position 6 Amy Falcone
Lynnwood City Council Position 5 Robert Leutwyler
Mercer Island Council Position 5 Craig Reynolds
Mercer Island Council Position 3 Wendy Weiker
Mercer Island Council Position 1 Dave Rosenbaum
Port Angeles Council Position 6 Navarra Carr
Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 5 Fred Felleman *
Poulsbo Council Position 1 Rick Eckert
Redmond Council Position 1 Osman Salahuddin
Redmond Council Position 3 Jessica Forsythe
Redmond Council Position 5 Vanessa Kritzer
Redmond Council Position 7 Angie Nuevacamina
Redmond Mayor Angela Birney
Renton Council Position 3 Valerie O’Halloran
Renton Council Position 4 Ryan McIrvin
Renton Council Position 7 Randy Corman
Sammamish Council Position 3 Sid Gupta
Sammamish Council Position 6 Pam Stuart
SeaTac Council Position 3 Elizabeth Greninger
Seattle Council District 1 Maren Costa
Seattle Council District 2 Tammy Morales
Seattle Council District 3 Alex Hudson
Seattle Council District 4 Ron Davis
Seattle Council District 5 ChrisTiana ObeySumner
Seattle Council District 6 Dan Strauss
Seattle Council District 7 Andrew Lewis
Snohomish County Council District 2 Megan Dunn
Spokane City Council District 1 Pos 1 Lindsey Shaw
Spokane Council District 2 Pos 1 Paul Dillon
Spokane Council District 3 Pos 1 Kitty Klitzke
Spokane Mayor Lisa Brown
Tacoma Council Position 7 Olgy Diaz
Tacoma Council Position 8 Kristina Walker
Tukwila Mayor Kate Kruller
Vancouver Council Position 6 Leah Perkel
Whatcom County County Council Jon Scanlon
Woodinville Council Position 4 Mike Millman
Yakima Council District 7 Holly Cousens


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More about Washington Bikes’ endorsements:

Following the 2016 merger of Cascade Bicycle Club (becoming a 501(c)(3) organization) and Washington Bikes (emerging as a 501(c)(4) organization), Washington Bikes assumed all endorsements and electoral responsibilities for bicycling statewide.