Legislative Update: Traffic School Bill Signed into Law

It’s official—Traffic Schools will soon be teaching drivers how to safely interact with bicyclists and pedestrians.  Governor Chris Gregoire signed HB1129 into law on Monday and it takes effect 90 days after close of the legislative session. 
The Bicycle Alliance will be contacting all traffic schools and providing them with the approved curriculum.  We will also do follow up to ensure that traffic schools are using it. Thanks to everyone who supported this bill with emails, letters, phone calls and testimony.
Here’s a quick rundown on other bills that we have worked on:
Complete Streets, HB1071, passed house concurrence by a 53-43 vote.  It now goes to the governor for signature.
HB 1700, which addresses transportation project design in a way that could greatly benefit bicycle and pedestrian facilities, died on the Senate floor.
Vulnerable Users, SB 5326, is waiting for Senate concurrence.
And a new development…HB2053 is a transportation fee bill that would raise $162 million in additional fees from licenses and other sources.  This bill currently allocates $5 million for Safe Routes to School programs.  The Bicycle Alliance recently testified in favor of this bill.
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