Tour de France 2014 Poll: Would You Watch It In Pioneer Square?

Tour de France logoWe’ve heard “oohs” and “ahhs” from the crowds of 150-200+ who have packed Nord Alley in Pioneer Square during the lunch hour the past couple of weeks. They’ve come to watch the World Cup matches on a big-screen TV behind the Nord Building, which houses our offices/bike gift shop and Back Alley Bike Repair.

We’re looking into whether we could show coverage of the Tour in the Alley weekdays during July 5-27. Since we have a really small staff, we can only undertake the full outdoor logistics if we know lots of people will show up. We’ll provide the popcorn, you bring your favorite coffee or sports beverage, and we have a race viewing party.

NBC Sports Network hasn’t published its schedule so we don’t know whether we could run during the lunch hour or at some other time. The Tour partially overlaps the World Cup, which wraps up July 13, and that may affect the schedule as well.

If we can figure out a way to manage the logistics, would you come watch and would you bring friends?

Our decision depends on in large part on how many people say yes. Share this poll with your friends who live/work/bike in places that make Pioneer Square a reasonable destination for hanging out with a lot of people who love bicycling.

To receive notice on whether we’re going ahead, fill out the e-news sign-up form at the bottom of the poll. Share your ideas for other events that would bring you to Pioneer Square too.

Poll: TdF 2014 Viewing

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