Vote: Save King County Metro and Roads Today

A special April election will determine whether King County faces huges cuts to Metro transit and roads maintenance.

bike on busJust weeks before bike to work month, King County voters face a vital April special election. It will determine whether Metro Transit will face huge cuts and if we maintain King County roads for cars and bikes.

Vote YES on Prop 1 to keep our buses running and prevent major cuts to Metro bus service. We need to make sure our seniors, students, people with disabilities, and working families still have a way to get around.

Vote YES on Prop 1 to preserve King County’s roads and bridges. Forty percent of Prop 1 goes directly to each community in the county to make our streets, roads, and bridges safer. Spending $1 now to repair our roadways avoids $6-14 in replacement costs if we continue to put off these critical investments. Better local roads benefit bicyclists across King County.

We like bike racks on buses – we need more of these, not less. Every workday 400,000 trips are taken on Metro; less buses mean worse traffic and a longer commute.

Ballots are due by April 22nd — Earth Day. But there’s no need to wait. Mail in your ballot as soon as you get home.  Vote YES on Prop 1 today!

Together we can keep King County moving whether you bus, bike, drive, or walk.

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