Reimagining Bicycle-Friendly Cities at the UW Bicycle Urbanism Symposium June 19-22

The University of Washington’s College of Built Environments is hosting an exciting new event June 19-22 2013. The Bicycle Urbanism Symposium will explore how to best encourage and facilitate widespread bicycle use in 21st Century cities. Our aim is to discover fresh ideas for urban bicycle planning and programs, and a research agenda that will further support this.

A major purpose of this international symposium is to look ahead twenty to thirty years to imagine and explore innovations in urban spatial structure and design, infrastructure, and new policies and programs that can greatly increase the use of bicycles as a part of daily urban life. We will consider several alternative futuristic images that encourage bicycle use, evaluating these alternatives, and then reasoning back to determine how to attain these desired results. We hope to discover fresh ideas for urban bicycle planning and programs, and a research agenda that will further support this. The guiding research questions might be: How can I make my city the most bicycle-friendly by 2040? Are currently leading models from abroad the best guides to future planning in, for example, the U.S.?

You are invited to submit abstracts for papers dealings with:

• Ways that cities can best encourage and accommodate bicycle use 20-30 years in the future
• Leading research that addresses bicycle use and effects of innovation in infrastructure and programs
• Best practices and how these can inform long-term planning for bicycle use.

To be considered for presentation, submit your abstracts to by February 1!

Intended participants include planning and design professionals, researchers, bicycle advocates, and public officials. Selected papers will be edited for one or more refereed volume.

More detailed information

Guidelines for abstract submissions

Questions can be addressed at:

The blog is here.

Look for presentations by Washington Bikes staff as well as presentations by folks from around diverse geographies, domestic and abroad.

The keynote speakers are yet to be announced, so keep your ear to the ground for news on that front! We’re looking forward to seeing you there.



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