Nominate Your Top-Priority Bike Project

Advocating for more funding for bicycle infrastructure is on our to-do list as a priority every single day. Whether that’s working to understand the intricacies of MAP-21 and how we might protect Safe Routes to School project funding or writing a letter of support for a special project, we focus on the need for investments that work together to create a truly comprehensive system of safe, accessible bike transportation routes.

What are those projects where you live? We’re compiling a list of projects from across the state to understand the gaps and identify the opportunities within and between communities. In some places that might be the opportunity for a major separated pathway linking two state highways. In another community it might be the need to widen the paved shoulders on county roads to improve access to a tourist attraction. In yet another town it might be the opportunity to close the gap in an existing trail, build a bridge over a railroad track to eliminate an at-grade crossing, or put bike lanes on streets around schools and parks.

Whether you know a little about a project or a lot, whether the project itself is large or small, take a few minutes to fill out our form and forward the link to your local contacts in City Hall, the county roads department, and the regional transportation planning organization who may have plans for individual projects or entire networks.

We’ll compile the list, publish it, and share it with your legislators so they know the level of demand from their constituents for bike transportation projects. That’s how we’ll make the case for more funding to build a transportation system for all that looks forward to a healthy future.

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