Youth Bike Summit Program is Out

In case you have not heard, the Youth Bike Summit is coming to Seattle, WA this February. The Summit is a weekend event to bring youth (24 and under) together from all over the country to engage around bicycles. But it is not just for younger people. Anyone working with or advocating for biking for all ages will want to be there. Whether you’re a teenager, college student, educator, parent, advocate, urban planner, civil servant, cycling enthusiast, or community leader of any age, this is an event you wont want to miss.

You can now see their line up of speakers, events, and sessions online. This program is full of amazing speakers from around the country who will expand your perspective, inspire your adventures, and motivate your actions.

The 2015 Youth Bike Summit is happening in Seattle February 13-15. This is the first time the Summit is happening outside of New York and we are thrilled that it is in Washington State. With so many cities wanting to host this event, we may not see the Summit this close again for a decade. Seattle’s youth driven bicycle organization, Bike Works, is hosting the event in Seattle.

The early-bird registration ends February 1st! Tickets for this 3 day conference are $25 for people 24 and under ($50 if you are 25+).  Get registered!


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