An End of Year Bike Story

Jonathan’s poster that was the school winner for Dry Creek Elementary in Port Angeles, and won 3rd place in the Washington State 5th Grade Poster Contest.

The most amazing thing happened at the end of the year during Dry Creek Elementary’s Aloha Assembly in Port Angeles, WA.

The assembly included celebration of many end-of-year awards for their students.

One award was for Jonathan Daracunas, who won 3rd place in Washington’s 5th Grade Bicycle Poster Contest sponsored by Saris. Jonathan joyfully went up on stage to accept his prizes, a bike helmet and reflective strap. As he said thank you, he added, “All I need now is a bike!”

Another award presented a few minutes later was a bike donated from the local DeMolay Club. Students could enter to win the bike once they reached their individual reading goal. Jonathan had been working up until the limit of that morning at 8am to meet his reading goal so he could enter. He was hoping that bike would come to him.

And the lucky bike winner was: Anna! Jonathan probably sank a little as his hopes of using his newly won helmet evaporated. The 4th grade student came forward to accept her bike. She said thank you very much but she already had a bike. Right there on the spot she said she wanted to give this bike to Jonathan. She knew he had just won the helmet, reflector and lights from the poster contest and all he needed now was a bike!

Dry Creek bike giveaway

Jonathan, Anna, their teachers, and principal with the new bike!

In the words of Jonathan’s teacher, “It was a true Aloha moment that brought tears to many eyes! Kids can be so thoughtful!”




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