Members Matter


It’s easy to stop and smell the daffodils when you’re on a bike.

This is my 20th year with Washington Bikes. That’s two decades of advocating for better and safer places for all of us to ride our bikes. And I feel the blood, sweat and tears are paying off. In every neighborhood and every community I visit in our state I see people biking!

So why do I bike? Plain and simple: it’s joyful! Riding a bike puts a smile on my face, a song in my heart, and lifts my spirits. Riding a bike keeps me connected to my inner child and reminds that simple pleasures are the best ones.

Why do I support Washington Bikes as a member? I want future generations to have the opportunity to experience the same joy that I experience today. As happy as I am to see the uptick in bicycling, I know things can be even better. I know that some of our kids do not get to experience the same joy and freedom on a bike that I did as a child.

My membership in Washington Bikes is also an investment in my own biking future. I want to ensure that the trails and bike routes that I use and enjoy today remain accessible and safe. I want stronger penalties for distracted driving and enforcement of those laws. I want other cyclists to follow the rules of the road and trails.

Washington Bikes works hard to pass policies and legislation that make our streets safer for biking, encourages safe behavior among all users of our streets, and makes it easier for folks to hop in the saddle for a pedal to the store, a park or a cross-state adventure.

I am proud of this organization and its contributions to preserve and enhance our quality of life in Washington. I will continue to support Washington Bikes and I hope you will too. Join us today and be counted. Members matter.

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