Pilot Project to Highlight Bike Travel, Tourism in Snohomish County

Happy cyclist at Snohomish Pie Company.

Happy cyclist at Snohomish Pie Company.

Bicycle travel and tourism is big business. In Oregon, it is estimated to provide almost $400 million in economic impact. Washington Bikes plans to grow opportunities for riders to experience the great trails and bikeways across Washington while highlighting the benefits of bicycle travel and tourism to local economies statewide. As a part of this effort, we are launching a pilot project to highlight bicycle travel and tourism in Snohomish County.

Do you know of a special location, ride or event in Snohomish County that we should highlight for bicyclists? Please share this information with us. Contact Blake Trask at blake@wabikes.org to help us spread the word that bikes mean business in Snohomish County!

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