Proud to Be a Health Champion!

We’re honored to be recognized by the Washington State Public Health Association as a Health Champion in the area of “Protecting You While You’re on the Move” for our work on the Neighborhood Safe Streets Bill. From the WSPHA news release:

“For 26 years, the Washington Bikes has worked to make bicycling safer and easier for all people in Washington. This year the Alliance has been a regular presence in Olympia advocating for the Neighborhood Safe Streets Bill. This legislation would grant cities and towns the right to lower speed limits on non-arterial streets to 20 mph without conducting a traffic and engineering study.  The aim is to increase safety for biking, playing and walking by increasing local control. The bill passed the House in February and is awaiting a vote in the Senate (the Senate Transportation Committee has tagged it a “do-pass”), expected later this month.

The Alliance has previously been instrumental in the passage of public safety legislation to make texting and handheld device use a primary offense, and to require that traffic school curriculum include how to safely pass bicyclists and pedestrians. Its efforts to promote safety go beyond advocacy. The Alliance conducts bike safety education programs such as Go by Bike and Safe Routes to Schools.  It also encourages biking through both sponsored rides, and its work, in partnership with the State Department of Transportation, to create more scenic bike routes.

Through these diverse efforts, the Bicycle Alliance has made it safer for people to bike, walk and play throughout Washington.”

Congratulations to all the Health Champions around the state!


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