We have a new home!

On Saturday, the Bicycle Alliance moved its headquarters into a new office.  Staff and volunteers gathered at the old office in the morning to load up a bike trailer and other various vehicles with desks, file cabinets, computers and other office furnishings and supplies.  We then trekked the three blocks to our new location and set up the office.


The Bicycle Alliance is now located at 314 First Avenue South—still in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood.  And, as of Monday afternoon, we were back in the swing of things.  We’re excited to be in our new digs.  Our advocacy partner, Feet First, is on the lower level and Back Alley Bike Repair Shop is opening its doors directly behind us in February.

A huge shout out to the dozen plus volunteers who helped us with the move—you guys were awesome!  And a special thank you to Keithly Electric and H4 Consulting for donating their services to the cause.
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