Clark County Passes Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

Today’s post was submitted by Brendon Haggerty, who regularly bike commutes from his home in Portland to his job in Clark County.

The Clark County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, recently passed by a unanimous vote of the Board of County Commissioners, represents the county’s first coordinated effort to plan for bicycles and pedestrians.  Included in the plan are proposed policy changes that would help the county become more supportive of bicycle and pedestrian transportation.  Also included are proposals for promotion and encouragement programs, such as temporary street closures that provide a car-free environment for residents to meet their neighbors and enjoy physical activity.  An advisory committee worked with the county to identify a prioritized network of bicycle and pedestrian facilities in unincorporated Clark County.
A unique feature of the plan is that it makes special consideration of the health impacts of cycling and walking, whether for recreation or transportation.  In prioritizing projects, planners worked with staff from Clark County Public Health to identify projects that are likely to increase physical activity among residents.  As part of the planning process, Clark County Public Health prepared a Health Impact Assessment to highlight the health benefits of physical activity and to help prioritize actions that enable more Clark County residents to enjoy opportunities for physical activity in their neighborhoods.  The plan and health impact assessment can be found at .
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