Announcing Washington Bikes’ Primary Endorsements

  • Voters will choose new city councils this November, with hundreds of races all across Washington. County Council and Mayoral elections will be held in some communities too.
  • Washington Bikes endorses candidates who support bike friendly policies and investments.
  • Our first slate of endorsements are elected bike champions within the Puget Sound Region.

It’s often said that all politics is local, and we couldn’t agree more – especially when it comes to transportation. City (and County) leaders decide on community funding priorities, and pass policies like Vision Zero and Complete Streets. Washington Bikes endorses bike friendly candidates for office to help voters know who their leaders are.

True bike champions aren’t just following the playbook and voting for policies to make communities safer and more accessible for people to walk and bike – they’re pushing the envelope and opening the door to new ideas. Champions spearhead ideas among their peers and advocate to make them happen. Bike champions also know that they don’t have all the answers –  they listen to and collaborate with advocates and constituents.

That is why Washington Bikes is excited to endorse these 20 Puget Sound bike champions for office. Some of these candidates will have a Primary Election on August 1. Others will show up on the ballot for the November 7 General Election. Between now and Election Day, we encourage you to show up for these candidates in any way you can, because we know they’ll be showing up for people who bike if and when they win their election. 

Washington Bikes is proud to endorse the following candidates for office:

Washington Bikes will be rolling out more endorsements closer to the election. If you want to recommend one of your elected leaders to Washington Bikes for endorsement, drop us a line at and let us know who is a leader in your community and what they’ve been doing to make biking safer and more accessible. 

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