Washington Bikes Endorsements: Look for these bike champions on your November ballot

Washington Bikes announces 2017 general election endorsements

Starting in May, Washington Bikes’ policy team has had the opportunity to question and interview candidates running for office—we’ve had a lot of fun doing it. The reasons for doing it are important, too. Washington Bikes works to secure funding for bicycle infrastructure and policies that increase access and safety. To make that happen, it matters who Washington’s elected leaders are.

We’d like to thank all of the candidates, endorsed or otherwise, for taking the time to participate in Washington Bikes’ endorsement process.

The Washington Bikes endorsement speaks to thousands of engaged Washingtonians statewide who care about a range of issues. From wanting more connected trails, to safer neighborhood streets, to more opportunities for physical activity, Washingtonians are looking for leaders who will advance these priorities. We asked city-specific questions of candidates, like:

  • Will you work to ensure that Bellevue’s bicycle rapid implementation plan (BRIP) funding in the next biennium (2019-2020) is allocated at a higher level than the current amount?
  • Do you support completing the East Lake Sammamish Trail (ELST) to King County regional trail standards?
  • Do you support the implementation of a downtown Seattle Basic Bike Network by 2019?

No matter the answer to our survey, we are grateful for our local candidates and electeds who help shape Washington’s thriving communities.

Washington Bikes’ endorsement comes with engagement efforts through communications and/or boots on the ground. Additionally, we are making financial investments through the Washington Bike PAC directly into target campaigns. Please read on to find the endorsed candidates in your area.


*Download a PDF of the endorsement list.

With less than eight weeks until Election Day, we are in the final stretch! Doorbelling and phone calling on behalf of Washington Bikes’ endorsed candidates will take place between now and November 7. Sign up below to get plugged in to ways to support your nearest bike champion!

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