Washington Bikes 2016 General Elections Endorsements Released

It’s almost Election Day, and here at Washington Bikes we are thrilled to announce our first slate of legislative endorsements!

Washington Bikes grows bicycling all across the state of Washington every day. Through our efforts we increase investments to build and maintain bicycle facilities; provide tools for local advocates to improve their communities; and promote the health, safety, and economic benefits of bicycling. Our work and that of our many partner organizations means more people of all ages and abilities biking all across Washington, the #1 Bicycle Friendly State in America since 2008. To learn more, visit WAbikes.org.

Pro-bicycle interests in Olympia have made significant strides, setting a tone that promotes the economic development, safety, and health benefits of bicycling as bipartisan and of great importance to diverse communities statewide. These approaches have produced results including:

  • policy bills, including the passage of the Neighborhood Safe Streets (providing authority to set 20 MPH speed maximums on non-arterial streets) and Dead Read bills (addressing broken red lights for cyclists);
  • all-time high investments in bicycle and pedestrian friendly infrastructure including safe routes to school grant funding, as well as biking and walking trail investments in the capital budget; and
  • passage of a 16-year transportation package that includes historic investments of approximately $500 million for biking, walking, safe routes to schools, and complete streets.

Following the 2016 merger of Cascade Bicycle Club (becoming a 501(c)(3) organization) and Washington Bikes (emerging as a 501(c)(4) organization), Washington Bikes assumed all endorsements and electoral responsibilities for bicycling statewide. Additionally, Washington Bikes will continue to be the voice of bicycling in Olympia.

In our inaugural round of endorsements, Washington Bikes has endorsed the following candidates for the Washington state legislature. For additional information regarding endorsements, see our FAQs.

Legislative District 1

House Position 1: Shelley Kloba (D)

Legislative District 3

Senate: Andy Billig (D)

Legislative District 5

Senate: Mark Mullet (D)

Legislative District 8

House Position 1: Brad Klippert (R)

Legislative District 14

Senate: Curtis King (R)

Legislative District 24

House Position 2: Steve Tharinger (D)

Legislative District 25

Senate: Hans Zeiger (R)

House Position 1: Melanie Stambaugh (R)

Legislative District 26

House Position 1: Larry Seaquist (D)

Legislative District 34

House Position 2: Joe Fitzgibbon (D)

Legislative District 41

Senate: Steve Litzow (R), Lisa Wellman (D) (dual endorsement)

House Position 1: Tana Senn (D)

House Position 2: Judy Clibborn (D)

Legislative District 48

House Position 2: Joan McBride (D)

Legislative District 49

House Position 2: Monica Stonier (D)

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