#Coffeeneuring: It’s on a Roll in Washington State

The perfect bike challenge for Washington state? Coffeeneuring, of course!

Simple concept: Ride your bike to 7 stops over 7 weekends, documenting the trips. If you’re not a coffee drinker, go for tea, hot chocolate, cider — anything in keeping with the spirit of taking a bike ride to a local venue and hanging out a while.

We kicked it off a couple of weeks ago and it’s rolling right along. Participants bike, sip, and tweet/blog/tell the world they’re doing it with the #coffeeneuring hashtag.

Read on for your chance to win, a list of the blog posts to date, and the Twitter action in the #1 Bicycle Friendly State in America.

Share Your Posts and Pictures and Be Entered to Win!

Writing your rides? Send your blog post our way to Louise-at-WAbikes.org. Don’t wait until the end to send it to us. We’ll share posts along the way to inspire others. We’d love to have a map, too, if you’ve put together a nice route someone else might enjoy.

Everyone who submits a blog post or Instagram picture to us will be entered into our prize drawing to win one of several oh-so-appropriate WA Bikes coffee mugs. Tag your photos with #coffeeneuring #WAbikes.

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Blog Posts

Twitter Round-up



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