30 Days of Biking, Day 27: Jerseys

It’s not often I suit up in what many people regard as the uniform of cycling: a jersey & padded shorts. Most of my daily riding consists of commuting in regular clothing and any type of shoe.

On weekends, however, I often head out on a bike date with my sweetheart and for those I sometimes do put on something bikey. In summer it will always, always be a Nuu-Muu — the amazingly versatile athletic dresses made in Bellingham. These days while the weather can still be coolish I have my snazzy new WA Bikes jersey.

Washington state bike jersey

We like to think of this as the OFFICIAL Washington state bike jersey. Posing with the fun bike racks at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.

How fortuitous for me that our logo green was already one of my signature colors before I ever started to work here. I already owned a matching wool base layer for a day like today with its deceptively sunny skies and slightly nippy winds.

The utility of the jersey pockets comes in handy. I carried my phone to grab a few photos along the way, my ID and debit card, and a few copies of our pocket guide to Washington state bike laws, which I left on the brochure rack at our destination, Honey Bear Bakery in the Lake Forest Park Town Centre Mall.

Honey Bear sits inside Third Place Books, which sports the same signature bright yellow racks of leaning bikes you’ll see at their Ravenna location on 65th. We preferentially spend our (not insubstantial) bakery budget at places that show us they’re bike-friendly by offering bike parking. The place was hopping and the rack was pretty full — we’re not the only ones who bring our wallets on wheels into businesses that welcome bikes.

Jersey pockets can hold quite a bit of stuff, so I ducked into the Ace Hardware next door to pick up charcoal filters for our countertop compost bucket. But my husband grabbed those and stuffed them under the leg of his bike shorts above his tights — a handy spot to tuck something that isn’t too lumpy, since the elastic grippers will hold a smallish item.

While I was checking out the brochure rack I also picked up a copy of the Camano Island Studio Tour catalog, thinking I might plan a bike trip into Snohomish County to tour some art studios. The tour is coming up Mother’s Day Weekend May 9-10-11 with an encore weekend May 17-18, and the catalog rolled up and fit right into that jersey pocket.

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Your Turn

  • Do you wear bike jerseys?
  • Is that a deliberate statement or do you just not own any?



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