Amtrak Cascades increases bike storage

Photo by Don Willott.

Photo by Don Willott.

Traveling the Pacific Northwest by bicycle just got easier.

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and Amtrak announced that additional bike storage racks have been added to all Amtrak Cascade trains, with space for 10 bikes per train now available. Riders can reserve a seat and bike space through or by calling 1-800 -USA- RAIL.

More from the joint announcement:

“Washington is a six-time champ as the top bicycle-friendly state and these bike racks will make it easier for bicyclists to combine Amtrak Cascades and bicycle travel to tour the Pacific Northwest – from Eugene, Ore. to Vancouver, BC, and all stops in between,” said Washington Secretary of Transportation Lynn Peterson.

On-board bicycle storage racks must be reserved in advance and can only accommodate standard bicycles. The racks allow Amtrak staff to hang and secure standard bicycles on the walls of baggage cars. Tandem, recumbent, or other specialized bicycles will require a bicycle bag or box and must be checked as baggage at staffed Amtrak stations. Travelers who do not have a bicycle box can purchase one at staffed Amtrak stations for $15.

When Amtrak Cascades trains began service in 1999, six bicycle storage racks were included in each train’s baggage car.

To reserve a bicycle rack, buy tickets early for the best fares. All cities are on sale at 25 percent off when purchased early. Once on the train, local food and drink is available in recently- upgraded bistro cars.

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  1. Posted July 25, 2013 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

    “Tandem, recumbent, or other specialized bicycles will require a bicycle bag or box and must be checked as baggage at staffed Amtrak stations.”

    Nice in theory until you show up with said “tandem, recumbent or other specialized bicycle” all prepared to buy boxes and pay shipping fees yet Amtrak turns you down because their baggage staff just doesn’t feel like dealing with your “non-normal” bike.

    Thank heavens for Bolt Bus and their willingness to be flexible (ie,if they have room, they’ll take it).

    Sorry, but Amtrak isn’t going to be a real transportation option for utility and family bike riders until they just let bikes roll on all the time — regardless of size or “normal” status of bike.

    If there’s room in the bike/baggage car to load and secure the bike, then the bike should go.

    • Marge Evans
      Posted July 27, 2013 at 1:29 pm | Permalink

      I echo Tim. The bicycle storage area is usually empty. Why does Amtrak have to make it so hard for cargo, Dutch or tandem bicycles? There going to keep losing business to Bolt.

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