The Next 24 Hours Are Critical for Bike/Walk Infrastructure Funding

Are biking and walking projects worth the price of one gallon of gas per year?

This afternoon on a 51-41 vote the state House of Representatives passed a transportation revenue package that invests in safer bike lanes, trails, and sidewalks for Washingtonians.

Now it’s up to the state senate to decide if they will support investments for Washington kids to safely walk and bike to school, and if they will support connecting our neighborhoods for a better future for all of us. With a July 1 deadline, the next 27 hours are critical—this could all be over by Friday afternoon.

We need you to take action RIGHT AWAY to let the state senate know investments in walking and biking are important for not just people who walk and bike, but for all Washingtonians.

We aren’t asking for much. In the context of a multi-billion-dollar transportation package, at $323 million for biking and walking projects over the course of 12 years the state of Washington would invest $3.90 per Washingtonian per year on bike/walk infrastructure for safer streets and greater connectivity—roughly the cost of a 16-ounce latte or a gallon of gas.

This vote represents the last step to ensure that $323 million will be spent on projects that improve your neighborhoods, improve safety, and spur economic development in cities across Washington. Gov. Inslee has already expressed his strong support for this investment.

Please contact your state senator today to let him/her know you support safer streets for all Washingtonians and you support the investments in walking and biking at the levels in the House transportation package.

The message is simple: Vote yes on HB 1954 for transportation funding and protect the bike/walk funding.

Contact your legislator.

By phone: Call 1-800-562-6000. The operator will route your message to your senator. Your message: I SUPPORT funding biking and walking at the levels in the House transportation revenue package. Vote YES on HB 1954.

By email: Enter your mailing address on the district finder form (choose Legislative, not Congressional) and follow the instructions on the site to reach a contact form for your state senator.

Points you can include in your email:

  • I support the House transportation package as passed in HB 1954, specifically the safety investments for kids, bicycling, walking, and safer streets across Washington.
  • The total per year in the package for biking/walking projects is only $3.90 per Washingtonian—a small investment with big returns.
  • Your support for a revenue package that retains the walking and biking project investments currently included in the House proposal is necessary for me to support such a package.
  • Please support a transportation revenue proposal that fixes our transportation crises – fix our crumbling roads & bridges, keep our buses moving, make our streets safer and cleaner. You can and must act to keep our economy moving and me and my neighbors safe.
  • Thank you for your support and for supporting a transportation system that works for all Washingtonians.

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