Ride around Seattle, literally!

IMG_9074A few years back, Seattle riders (and former WA Bikes board members) Gary Strauss and Dan Wakefield had an idea for a ride that would, as closely as possible, trace the outline of our city. Across neighborhoods, from urban to residential, through parkland reclaimed from military bases, over waterways, along beaches, and of course over (rarely around) our many, many hills.

Now having matured a few years, this ride has drawn a growing legion of fans. Besides the ups and downs, one remarkable set of memories you’ll take home with you is the remarkable collection of vistas Seattle boasts, whether it’s across the Sound towards the Olympics, or looking back towards the city from any number of vantage points found around the edges. While the entire ride is about 80 miles, thanks to Seattle’s slim waistline, there is a wonderful escape route for anyone wishing to do an abbreviated version. You can take a shortcut back at the halfway mark that will nearly halve the distance.

This ride is put on in grassroots fashion by Cyclists of Greater Seattle (COGS) and so you’ll find not only warm, supportive faces at the food stops, but assorted artisanal (OK, home-made at least!) snack items made with love and imagination. Because the ride is volunteer driven, proceeds go directly back to Washington Bikes!

Observe Labor Day with some labors of your own. Monday, September 1st, meet up with the rest of the riders at the Discovery Park north parking lot. Morning-of-ride registration will be $40. You’ll finish the day with the rich experiences of so much that Seattle has to offer, in that special way that it can best be experienced from the seat of your bike.

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