Volunteer Spotlight: Rebecca Slivka

After six years of volunteer service as the Bicycle Alliance’s webmaster, Rebecca Slivka is taking a well earned and much deserved break.

Rebecca created the original Safe Routes to School WA site in 2005, then agreed to manage the Bicycle Alliance site in 2006.  The content was sparse back then and she was eager to work with staff to build a site that was interesting and useful to bicyclists.

“First I expanded the sections on commuting, legislation and resources.  Later, I created online forms for membership, auction donations and auction ticket purchases,” Rebecca recalled.  “Creating the online forms for membership and the auction were probably the most productive changes,” she added.

Rebecca’s involvement with the Bicycle Alliance goes beyond her website contribution.  She helped gather the signatures that resulted in legislative approval for the Share the Road license plate.  Her first Share the Road plate was BK00023, but she has since traded that plate in for a personalized one that proclaims her zeal for Scrabble:  -TSNIEA (Fellow Scrabble lovers will recognize this as the best rack you can have in the game).

Her other volunteer contributions include serving as a Bike Buddy mentor, participating in early Bicycle Committee meetings with Sound Transit to ensure bike access on Sounder and Link light rail trains, and helping with the auction.

What’s on the horizon for Rebecca?  Besides pursuing her love of Scrabble with the Seattle club, she is contemplating revisions to her Bicycle Watchdog website.  No grass is growing under this bike adovate’s feet.  Thanks, Rebecca!

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