Washington Bikes is delighted to announce our BigSUCCESS during the GiveBIG campaign. Our first year participating in the one day online philanthropic event we raised $6,720 from 63 donors, surpassing our goal of raising $4,000 from 40 donors! 

Our entire staff kept the momentum going as we updated our supporters on Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail. Thank you to our staff and Board members for their generous contributions, many of which came in as challenges to raise more money from multiple Bicycle Alliance donors. We are still awaiting news from The Seattle Foundation about how many dollars we received from the “stretch” pool and from employer matching funds. 

We thank Seattle Foundation and all the sponsors of GiveBIG for supporting such a well-received charitable event.  Overall giving more than doubled from 2011 with a total $7.43 million in contributions raised and more than 37,800 individual online gifts. 

GiveBIG attracted donations from all 50 states and 23 foreign countries.
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