Jay Steingold Says Farewell

If you are a customer of Bike Port, retrieved a lost bike left on a Metro bus, attended a volunteer work party or dropped by our table at an outreach event, then you probably met Jay Steingold.  He was the friendly fella who greeted and assisted you.  His gourmet handcrafted sandwiches that he specially prepared for volunteer work parties are legendary.

Jay brings a specialty beer to share at the
staff’s holiday beer tasting.

After spending a year with the Bicycle Alliance, Jay is leaving us for a new adventure.  In the spring of 2012, he and his wife Laura are heading to South Korea where Jay plans to teach English. 

What will Jay miss about the Bicycle Alliance?  “Everyone’s passion for bicycling and their love of food and craft beers,” he stated.

“I will miss Barb’s warmth and strength as a leader, Donna’s steadfast dedication to accuracy and order, John’s dry wit and tenacious carrying of his grant, JoAnn’s hearty cookies and infectious love of her job, Louise’s laser-like focus and lightheartedness, Blake’s unbearably cute family and knowledge of all things biking in Seattle, Seth’s quiet logic and delicious baked goods, Josh’s optimism and willingness to help with anything, and last but not least—Ben and Julian’s weekly sing-along to Justin Timberlake,” he elaborated.
When asked if he had any parting thoughts, Jay encouraged folks to attend Transportation Advocacy Day because it’s an opportunity to show our numbers.  He advised attendees to do their homework in advance and ask smart questions.
In the interim couple of months, Jay will do some traveling, photography, writing, leatherworking, croissant-making, and learning as much Korean as possible.
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