The Faces of Volunteerism

Jennifer Kogut

Whenever you read The Advocate, our quarterly newsletter, you’re reading a product that Jennifer Kogut has had her creative hands on. An editor by profession, Jennifer–a Seattle native–has edited our publication as a volunteer for over six years.

Six years.  That’s a chunk of time to devote as a volunteer to the Bicycle Alliance–and we are so appreciative of Jennifer’s generosity with her time.  We are also very fortunate that there are others like her who give us many hours over a span of years.

For instance, there’s Dave Shaw.  Dave has donated his time as our database guru for many years, is a current contributor to our blog, and has served on our Board of Directors.  There’s Rebecca Slivka, another Seattle native.  She has been our volunteer webmaster, among other things.  Or David McCulloch of Port Townsend, who has helped us advocate for signed bicycle routes, bike imrovements to the Hood Canal Bridge, and served on our Legislative & Statewide Issues Committee.  You can read about these good folks and others featured under the Volunteer Spotlight section of the our website.

Tour de Fat volunteers.

Not everyone can devote hours to bicycle advocacy. Many volunteers choose to help the cause through occasional letter writing to elected officials, attending Transportation Advocacy Day in Olympia, or helping us with special events–such as Tour de Fat or our annual auction.  Their efforts are invaluable to us and many repeat their volunteer roles for these events for several years.  We tip our helmets to them as well.

2009 Board & Staff photo

Some volunteers rise to the top as leaders for Washington Bikes–our Board of Directors.  These committed individuals create our vision, set our agenda, and ensure that we have adequate human and financial resources to accomplish our work.  They are passionate about our work and many devote an extraordinary amount of time to the organization.  Saying thank you seems inadequate, but it is a sincere thank you!

Are you inspired to give some time to Washington Bikes? Perhaps you’d like to help us at one of our month end work parties at the office.  Contact Donna Govro for more information.  We are also recruiting volunteers for our recently launched Outreach Corps.  Would you like to contribute articles to our blog or newsletter?  Contact Louise McGrody with your story ideas.  Maybe you have your own project idea in mind or you’d like to help us out with an event.  Please contact us–we’d love to hear from you!

Volunteers attend Mariners game.
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  1. Posted August 5, 2010 at 6:09 am | Permalink

    I never saw that pic from the 2009 board retreat, it's great! I feel blessed to be able to volunteer with such an amazing group of individuals. Did we take a picture this year? I can't remember…