My drive train is supposed to be silver?

Not black? Oops. I will be the first to admit I am not very good […]

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What’s in a Name?

Do you name your bicycles? I have many friends who do.  The name usually has a […]

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It’s been a Long time and a Long Bike

I haven’t written a blog post in quite a few months, some of you may […]

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How to Lose 2,000 Pounds

You probably already guessed how: Ditch your car. Now, before you say, “That’s impossible” and […]

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Transporting Valuables by Bike

This post isn’t about carrying computers, groceries, speakers or projectors, all of which I have […]

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Pants or No Pants?

If you’re a bicyclist, you’ll know that excellent feeling of accomplishment when you wear the […]

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Ding-a-Ling, a Heavenly Sound

As cyclists, we hear plenty about motorist-bicyclist friction, possibly because one-ton hunks of metal hurtling […]

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