Our 2024 Legislative Agenda

  • WA Bikes top priorities for the 2024 session include investments in active transportation statewide and ending the traffic safety crisis.

Ending the traffic safety crisis, delivering on Move Ahead Washington transportation funding commitments, and addressing the climate crisis are among the top Washington Bikes priorities for the 60-day legislative session that convenes on Jan. 8.

End the Traffic Safety Crisis

Traffic fatalities and injuries continue to trend in the wrong direction, especially for vulnerable road users. Despite a focus on this issue during the 2023 legislative session, there is still much work to do. We’re asking legislators to enact strategies to address the epidemic of traffic violence.

Build Safe Places to Bike and Walk  Across WA

We’re asking the legislature to maintain and speed up active transportation funding that was included in the  Move Ahead Washington transportation package approved in 2022. Project cost overruns for fish culverts and highway mega-projects are causing concern for lawmakers as they puzzle over the transportation budget. We will fight to ensure Move Ahead Washington dollars go to fund safe places to bike and walk and don’t get diverted to other uses that don’t protect vulnerable road users.

Protect Investments in our Climate Future

In 2021, the Legislature passed groundbreaking carbon reduction legislation, the Climate Commitment Act (CCA). The CCA is a market-based program to reduce carbon pollution and achieve greenhouse gas reductions. This law generates funding by requiring polluters to pay, thereby incentivizing conservation and renewable energy generation.

Funding generated by the CCA supports Washingtonians’ transition away from fossil fuels, and it is designed to help those most impacted by the climate crisis and fossil fuel pollution. Included in those investments are millions of dollars for biking, walking and clean transportation.

Unfortunately, a signature gathering effort is attempting to kill the Climate Commitment Act. Washington Bikes asks everyone who supports efforts to save our climate to join us in opposing efforts to kill the CCA, which would derail funding for climate change adaptation and mitigation programs.  We support the CCA and will support policies this legislative session that accelerate CCA investments, and keep this important law in place.

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