Snohomish County Bikes: Everett’s Easy Road Ride

Enjoy an easy road ride on flat country roads direct from downtown Everett. Snohomish County Bikes: an ongoing series highlighting great Snohomish County bike rides.

Distance: 29 miles
Elevation: 830 feet
Good for: Beginner to Intermediate road riders
Highlights: Quick and easy, flat, country roads

There are not many bike routes around western Washington’s hilly topography with fewer than 1000 feet of climbing. But this easy loop from downtown Everett rises just 830 feet in 29 miles. With sections traversing the banks of the Snohomish River, along the Centennial Trail, and around the northern shore of Lake Stevens, this route makes for a great and quick escape from the city.

After crossing the Hewitt Avenue Trestle, the route heads south through the farmland of Deadwater Slough. You’ll meet the Snohomish on the aptly named Riverview Road, which takes you east into the City of Snohomish. From there you connect with the Centennial Trail for a lovely and flat cruise north. The route traces the northern shore of Lake Stevens where you’ll encounter a few of the ride’s handful of short, punchy climbs. Once you’re past the lake, it’s just a few short (and mostly downhill) miles back to the Hewitt Trestle and into Everett.

Cycling Snohomish County's quiet roads

Cycling Snohomish County’s quiet roads

When you reach the junction with the Hwy 2 interchange, merge left to continue under the highway to 20th Street. That will connect you with the two-way bikeway that takes you under the trestle and across the rivers.


Because it only takes a few hours to ride, this route is an excellent option for after work rides and weekend days where you just can’t sneak away for a full day on two wheels. The great thing about riding in an area as lovely as Snohomish County, even the near-city training loops feature beautiful scenery. If 30 miles just isn’t enough, you can easily link up with the Lake Roesiger loop and double the length of the ride.

The cue sheet for this ride starts and ends at Café Zippy, a little coffee shop and restaurant downtown with vegans and meat options, hippy vibes, and bicycles decorating the walls.

Total Mileage Cue Segment
Begin at 2811 Wetmore Ave
0 SOUTH Wetmore Ave 0.1
0.1 LEFT Hewitt Ave 0.9
1 LEFT Hewitt Trestle Bike Path 0.8
1.8 CONT 43rd Ave SE 1.9
3.7 LEFT Ebey Island Rd 2.3
5 RIGHT Swans Slough Rd 0.5
5.5 LEFT Riverview Rd 2.8
8.3 CONT Riverview RD 1.1
9.4 RIGHT 1st St 0.8
10.2 LEFT Centennial Trail 8.2
18.4 LEFT 20th St NE 0.5
18.9 LEFT Hartford Ave 0.1
19 RIGHT N Lakeshore Drive 1.6
20.6 LEFT Lundeen Park Way 2.1
22.7 RIGHT Hwy 204 2
24.7 RIGHT 20th St 1.2
25.9 LEFT 51st Ave SE 0.5
26.4 RIGHT 43rd SE 0.2
26.6 CONT Hewitt Trestle Bike Path 0.8
27.4 LEFT Walnut Street 0.2
27.6 RIGHT Pacific Ave 0.1
27.7 RIGHT Pine St 0.2
27.9 LEFT Hewitt Ave 0.6
28.5 RIGHT Wetmore Ave to finish

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Josh Cohen is a freelance writer, editor of The Bicycle Story and a contributing author to the newly released Cycling Sojourner: a Guide to the Best Multi-Day Tours in Washington.

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