Critical Funding for Safer Streets is on the Line – All Across Washington State

This November, Voter Initiative-976 means essential state funding for biking and walking is on the chopping block. Vote no to preserve critical dollars to keep our state moving.

We’re recommending you vote NO on I-976 to ensure already underfunded programs like Safe Routes to Schools and the statewide bicycle and pedestrian grant  program aren’t decimated. If I-976 passes, Washington will lose $4 billion in revenue for transportation improvements in every community, from Everett to Kennewick, and Westport to Colfax – and all stops between.

Pledge to vote NO

Washington Bikes and our affiliate, Cascade Bicycle Club, have endorsed the No on 976 campaign because of the unprecedented risk it poses to our state’s ability to maintain and evolve our transportation system so it’s safe and reliable for all of us, regardless of how we get around.

What’s I-976?

I-976 is the latest initiative from anti-tax activist Tim Eyman, which would limit all car tabs in the state to $30, as well as reduce other vehicle fees. While that may sound appealing to folks who bike for the majority of their transportation, what’s at stake for bike, pedestrian, and transit funding is huge. If I-976 were to pass, there is potential that we could see a $4 billion cut to bike and pedestrian projects, including cuts to sidewalks, bike lanes, and neighborhood greenways around schools. Funding to teach students how to ride, the rules of the road, and how to stay safe while biking and walking is also on the line.

Among other devastating impacts, I-976 will cut $2.3 billion in local transportation funding for cities across the state, from Spokane to Seattle, Bellingham to Vancouver, and everything in between. This could impact everything from pothole repairs to yellow lights in school zones to future bike lanes and local transit service. And we’re not even going to get into the serious cuts to light rail, the ferry system, Amtrak trains, or other multi-modal transit projects.

Don’t be fooled by the allure of a tax cut to car tabs. The impacts to people who walk, bike, roll, train, and bus on our streets will be tremendous, and all of us will face more dangerous roads, more traffic, worse pollution, and fewer jobs. Pledge to vote NO on I-976 and Keep Washington Rolling.


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