Help Elect Leaders who Share a Vision of Communities Connected by Bike

Vote with your wallet. Join us at Optimism Brewing in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood tonight, Thursday, June 15 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. for a fundraiser for the Washington Bike PAC.

Now more than ever before, the priorities of our local and state leaders matter.

In Seattle, Olympia, Bellevue, Tacoma and other key races in the state, the Washington Bike PAC will this year take safe streets advocacy to a whole new level.

PAC Fundraiser_r4In 2017 the Washington Bike PAC (Political Action Committee) will work to elect candidates who will champion, through elected office, a vision of communities connected by bikes.

We need elected officials who will connect the dots between public health and safe access to walking and biking. Leaders will step up and put dollars behind building connected urban bike networks that get people where they need to go, and help reduce congestion. Leaders who will fund tourism-stimulating trails projects to bolster local rural economies. We need council members, mayors, and legislators who will advance policies that keep people safe – regardless of how they choose to get around.

Let me Count the Ways…

Our communities can no longer rely on Uncle Sam, and the carrot and stick of federal dollars and policy. Our immediate federal future holds an infrastructure package proposal focussing on highways, complete elimination of the federal TIGER transportation funding, a steady rollback of environmental regulations, and de-prioritization of EPA climate change and clean energy initiatives, including vehicle emissions.

In order to sidestep goings-on in “the other Washington”, local and state races will matter more. Our communities are ripe to advance to the next level.

There’s Another Way

The Washington Bike PAC is working in lockstep with the Washington Bikes to identify, endorse and financially support local and state candidates who are ready to build on hard work and momentum that advocates and our champions have started, and make it safe to walk and bike.

Join Us

The Seattle launch of the Washington Bike PAC is momentous. Come raise a glass – alongside others who share in this vision – to a community where biking is safe, easy and intuitive.

Can’t make it tonight to the Fundraiser? Donate to the Washington Bike PAC online, and let’s together make sure we elect future leaders who’ll work with the community and lead the charge.  

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