Five-Year Strategic Plan Priority: Promote Bicycle-Friendly Policies and Investments

Bicycle-Friendly Community signRead our posts highlighting priorities in our strategic plan adopted in 2016.

You’re celebrating the election of a bicycle-champion official. You’re biking down a newly installed protected bike lane that connects two sections of town. Your town is named a Bicycle Friendly Community and you can actually see why.

This happens because local bike leaders and Washington Bikes collaborate in identifying and promoting bicycle-friendly policies and investments that make bicycling safer and more accessible. You’re part of a community where your voice is not only heard, but acted upon.

What we will do: We will double the actions taken by you to contact elected officials to promote policies and increase investments for better bicycling. We want your voice to be heard and we will train you on the value and methods of community-based advocacy, giving you the tools to be effective leaders.

arlington-centennial-trail-whitehorse-trail_tom-teigen-090715We’ll work with you to develop and communicate annual policy priorities and grow partnerships and coalitions that support bike-friendly goals that work for your town. All of this will provide support for you to apply for, receive, and then improve your town’s bicycle-friendly designation by the League of American Bicyclists.

Our current level of success: By the end of 2016, we’ll record an initial baseline based on the number of 2015 and 2016 individual actions taken on our advocacy software platform. Additionally, we’ll measure the number of bicycle-friendly communities across the state, which currently stands at 16.

Our strategic priorities

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