Take Action: It’s Time to Hold the Line

Right now legislators in Olympia are negotiating transportation spending that will decide where billions of dollars go over the next 16 years. Will they stay the course for safer streets and better bike connections?

Take Action

Unfortunately, there’s still a big risk that little-to-no new money will go to enable you, your children, and your aging parents to bike and walk with the safety you deserve.

It doesn’t have to be this way if you speak up now.

Write your legislators today to ask them to hold the line

Tell your legislators that it’s time to hold the line at the House Transportation Committee proposal. It sets a foundation for additional walking and biking investments at approximately $236 million over a 16-year timeframe. That includes $56 million for the Safe Routes to School Grant Program, $75 million for Bicycle and Pedestrian Grant Program, and $100 million project list that will fund major projects like the Northgate Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge in Seattle and the University District Bridge in Spokane.

More would be better, and as your voice in Olympia Washington Bikes will keep speaking up for more. But as a baseline the House proposal takes a good step to invest in school safety projects, critical regional biking connections, and important trail and Main Street connections that grow local economies.

Over the past five months, the Senate and House transportation proposals have made important contributions and forward progress. But it’s still highly possible that the current negotiations will undercut that very progress.

Now it’s our time to tell legislators: Cost-effective and important biking and walking investments are worth supporting because every person in Washington state deserves the chance to bike and walk safely on the streets of your hometowns.

Join us at Washington Bikes today to ask legislators to hold the line

Write your legislators today by using the below letter writing tool. Thank you for growing bicycling statewide!

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