Alaskan Way Traffic Changes Near Ferry Terminal

Heads up! Expect traffic changes along Alaskan Way near the Colman Dock ferry terminal beginning Monday, January 12. Work zone modifications for the SR 99 Tunnel Project and the Elliott Bay Seawall Project will alter ferry access and traffic patterns, which are expected to remain in place through May 2015.

Washington State DOT has a map of the upcoming changes and they outlined them in an announcement:

Cyclists offload at Colman Dock Ferry Terminal.

Cyclists offload at Colman Dock Ferry Terminal.

Bicyclists and pedestrians:

  • Existing pedestrian access to the ferry terminal via the Marion Street pedestrian bridge will remain in place throughout construction, though the configuration may periodically shift.
  • temporary walkway between Columbia and Marion streets will provide pedestrian access to the ferry terminal from Alaskan Way.
  • Bicyclists will access the ferry terminal at Yesler Way.
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists will access the water taxi at Yesler Way.
  • The shared-use path along Alaskan Way will remain open throughout much of construction. Temporary shifts and intermittent closures may be necessary to accommodate work activities.


  • Drivers will enter the ferry terminal from northbound or southbound Alaskan Way at Yesler Way.
  • Passenger pickup and drop-off (including access for people with disabilities) will be located on the west side of Alaskan Way between Columbia and Marion streets.
  • Drivers should prepare for additional congestion along Alaskan Way and nearby streets, especially during busy morning and afternoon commute times as travelers adjust to the new configuration. WSDOT and SDOT will monitor traffic patterns and make adjustments as needed in the weeks following these changes.
  • Trucks that are more than 40 feet long will only be permitted access to the terminal from northbound Alaskan Way.

Contact WSDOT via email at or call their hotline (1-888-AWV-LINE) if you have questions or concerns.

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