30 Days of Biking rekindles a love for biking

Penny Webb is a creative writer, Fund Development Director at Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, a contributing writer for Whidbey Life Magazine, and a former staff member of the Bicycle Alliance of Washington (now WAbikes). She lives on Whidbey Island with her son and daughter. A born-again cyclist, Penny is participating in 30 Days of Biking and has been regaling us with her tales. We share her first week with you:

Day 1: Almost forgot. Daughter and I scrambled off the couch, then hauled the bikes down from the garage ceiling (ladder required), then couldn’t find the bike pump…twilight descending, tires pretty flat, we switched bikes–she rode the Schwinn beach bike and I rode her little Hard Rock, which had more air. Around the block, spring in our noses, then a view of the toenail moon in the azure sky. Gorgeous. Back home, bikes back inside. Found the bike pump.

Day 2: Tires inflated, spiders relocated. Roped in the boy, also. The whole fam-dam-ily blew down the neighborhood hill, sweet cut grass filling our lungs. Then, the return: Bad knees and a heavy one-speed are not a good match. Tomorrow, I break out The Jake.

Day 3: Rain break. Can’t find my helmet so cram my head into my daughter’s. Kids choose to stay in the bandroom/garage (aka “hanging bike studios”) and jam. I mount The Jake for its inaugural ride of 2014 and she fits like a glove. Unfortunately, my gloves are fingerless and I’m numb in minutes. Make it down to the highway and breeze back up the hill. Well, breeze might be an overstatement. But, yes, gears are a good thing. Note to self: find the winter gloves pronto.

Day 4: Gorgeous spring day, spent inside working. Work over, rain starts. Momentary sunbreak now….just enough time to take the Schwinn for a spin before we head over town for my bro’s big art show. So excited! ‪#‎aroundtheblockcounts‬.

Day 5: I keep missing the rain-free windows! Oh, well. The Jake has fenders for a reason. Will take a tootle in a few, then off to work. Keep up the good work, everyone!  Day 5 addendum: didn’t make it out before work, so Son and I took our bikes out at 10pm in the pitch dark and somehow navigated around the block. I swear I could barely see the road it is SO DARK tonight! Gotta love the Island.

Day 6: Son and I road the long block at twilight, thankfully. This time I could see the road!

Day 7: Hurt my back mowing the calf-high lawn. Damn. In celebration of the sunshine and the first day of spring vacation for my kids, I am drinking a Corona and taking ibuprofen. I know, I know: two wrongs don’t make a right. Will shoot for the twilight ride again tonight with my offspring.

Penny and a host of others are sharing their adventures on our 30 Days of Biking event page on Facebook. Join us in the fun and you can follow Penny’s rekindled joy for bicycling!

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