SnoCo Centennial Trail Touts Its History

Explore Snohomish County history via the Centennial Trail

Centennial Trail - Arlington - resized

Centennial Trail celebration in Arlington.

Rail trails are community assets. They invite us to actively experience and explore our surroundings. They are valued for their connectivity to parks, town centers, schools and other popular destinations. They are treasured places for biking, walking and jogging because they are separated from motorized traffic.

Rail-to-trail conversions are also tangible tributes to our past. Corridors once active as railroad lines are again connecting communities to each other and bringing people to work, shop and play.

This is definitely the case with Snohomish County’s Centennial Trail, and a recently launched website touts the trail’s interesting history as it provides practical information about the modern day trail and the communities it passes through. Part of the Centennial Trail PAST:forward  Interpretive Project, the site is sponsored by Snohomish County and funded by the Washington Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation.

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Expansion could be in the Centennial Trail’s future. In December, Snohomish County Council approved the purchase an additional 11 miles of former railroad right-of-way, including the trestle across the Snohomish River. This opens the door for a potential extension of the trail south to the King County line.

One thing I couldn’t find on this website is any mention of the Centennial Trail Coalition of Snohomish County. They are the citizens who have tirelessly advocated for this trail. The group meets monthly in Arlington and I encourage you to contact them if you are interested in seeing the trail extended south to King County.

Snohomish Trestle

Future Centennial Trail?

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