Familybike Seattle Offering “Get Started Family Biking Seminars”

This Saturday July 20 from 2-5PM, Familybike Seattle is offering a “Get Started Family Biking Seminar” in Wallingford. Familybike Seattle is a non-profit, whose mission is to decrease barriers to bicycling for families of all income levels, for the purpose of social transformation and environmental sustainability.  The organization provides monthly seminars, free family bike expos and kidical mass rides, classes on riding with kids, and a sliding scale family/cargo bike rental program.

Madi Carlson and Morgan Scherer of Familybike will be conducting the seminar and providing childcare for participants. A description of the seminar can be found at the Familybike Seattle website. The seminar fees are sliding scale ranging from $5-35 and interested parties should contact Morgan via email (see family bike website for contact info).

family bike seattle

The May 4th Family Bike meetup.

For more information about family biking, check out this post on the May 4th Familybike meetup. The seminars are generally scheduled once a month and childcare is usually provided. If you are interested in hosting a seminar in the future, contact Morgan or Madi.


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