January Construction Update: Hood Canal Bridge Bicycle Safety Improvements

After July’s agreement between Washington Bikes, local bicycle clubs and advocates, and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), construction work began in November on improvements to make crossing Hood Canal Bridge on bicycle safer.

We have recently received new photos of the construction activities, as well as updates from WSDOT’s project manager, Jeff Cook. The latest: construction has been pushed back a few weeks and completion is now scheduled for February 28.

Looking west to the Olympic Peninsula. Photo courtesy of Don Willott.

The safety improvements include over $1 million in improvements will be made by filling in bridge grating on the area used by bicycles with elastomeric concrete and by improving bridge plates that cover the floating bridge’s joints. For the recap of the campaign for improvements, see our press release from the summer.

In the case that you are headed across the bridge for a winter weekend excursion or excuse to spend the holidays on your bicycle, stay alert as the construction to the shoulders of the bridge will impact your ride.


“Our contractor has completed the infill for 3 of the 8 sections of grated roadway.  Specifically, the south shoulder for the two lift spans and the east truss are completed.  The south shoulder for the west truss is 50% complete and should be done by the end of next week.
Operations are beginning to move forward on the north side.  Work to install containment systems and form panels on the north shoulder will begin at the west lift span today.”

The North Kitsap Trails Association also reports that the new surface, “four and a half feet flush with the grating looked like it’d be much more comfortable to ride than three feet with carriage bolts and an inline edge of the plates.”

Still, based on the signage & cones, the contractors are not communicating it’s ready for use yet, so hold on until February 28! Until then, check-out some more photos of Hood Canal Bridge safety improvements progress, courtesy of Don Willott.

Close-up of the new elastomeric concrete material that fills the bridge grating.

View of the new elastomeric concrete riding surface under construction.

Cool, crisp day riding the Hood Canal Bridge!

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