Let the Washington State Transportation Commission Know About Biking!

Ever wonder how to get the word to Olympia that Washington needs more bike-friendly policies and more transportation investments to grow bicycling statewide?

Now’s your opportunity.

This month the Washington State Transportation Commission will begin conducting a new statewide survey on transportation taxation options, priorities and other topics utilizing over 17,000 Washington state residents who are part of the Voice Of Washington State (VOWS) survey program.

Sign-up and join those 17,000 VOWS participants to let the Transportation Commission and other state leaders know we need investments in a more balanced transportation system that gives Washingtonians the freedom to bike, walk, drive, or take transit.

Your input now is especially timely. The 2013 legislative session beginning in January will spend considerable time discussing new transportation revenue options. Information showing public support for Washington Bikes priorities like Safe Routes to School, Complete Streets, and Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety and Mobility is invaluable to make the case to the Transportation Commissioners, WSDOT, legislators, and the Governor.

Without your voice, how can we expect better bikeways, bike-friendly legislation, and leadership that gives our children safer neighborhoods to bike and walk to school?

To sign up for the VOWS, go to: http://www.voiceofwashingtonsurvey.org and get started!

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  1. CJ Voges
    Posted November 16, 2012 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

    Sign me up:-)