OSPI Safe Routes to School Summer Institutes

OSPI Safe Routes to School 

Summer Institutes

Pre-Institute– August 9th
Institute – August 10th
Pre-Institute – August 16th
Institute – August 17th
Come take part in this opportunity to share and learn about creating safe routes to school in Washington State.

The Summer Institutes are offered to participants in the SRTS Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education grant 2010-2012, as well as educators and individuals interested in the Safe Routes to School. The Institute will provide an opportunity for teachers, volunteers, and interested individuals to attend sessions on bike and pedestrian safety education, encouragement and engineering best practices, and many other topics.
Pre-Institute:  Come to this day if you are… 

  • Newto Safe Routes to School and want an overview of the SRTS Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Education Curriculum so you can implement the program next fall or include it in future SRTS grant proposals 
  • Familiar with Safe Routes to School and want to gain hands-on skills on specific topics (such as bike handling skills, walking audits, telling your story about Safe Routes to School, etc).
Institute:  Everyone should come to this day to share experiences, develop new skills, and learn about best practices around the state of Washington.
The Summer Institutes are free to attend but registration is required. Teachers can receive at least 8 clock hours free through OSPI if you register in advance.




QUESTIONS: Seth Schromen-Wawrin (Safe Routes to School Project Coordinator, Washington Bikes)

Summer Institutes Supported by:
Washington Bikes
Cascade Bicycle Club – Education Foundation
Feet First
King County Food and Fitness Initiative
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
Spokane Regional Health District

Washington Department of Transportation

Safe Routes to School Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Education Grant 2010-2012

funded to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction by the Washington State Department of Transportation

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