Ride for Yourself, Ride for all of Us

No doubt about it—bike riding season is upon us. Maybe you attended Bike Expo last weekend or perhaps you’re planning to check out the upcoming Spokane Bike Swap. It’s time to plan which rides to do this year, so be sure to consult our special Ride Calendar.

Why is our Ride Calendar unique? It lists rides that support the Bicycle Alliance’s advocacy and education efforts with a financial contribution. When you sign up for the bike rides listed in our calendar, you ride for all of us who bike!

Consider the McClinchy Mile, which is coming up on March 17. The ride organizer, BIKES Club of Snohomish County, donates $1 per rider to the Bicycle Alliance. These funds support our efforts to make streets safer for bicyclists, bring Safe Routes School to all school districts, and make bicycling accessible to everyone.

The McClinchy Mile is a great early season ride that explores the peaceful valleys and rolling hills of scenic Snohomish County. There are several route options to choose from, including an 8-mile family ride on the Centennial Trail.

When you ride the McClinchy Mile or any other ride listed on our Ride Calendar, you are pedaling for all of us who ride a bike in Washington. So why not sign up for one of these generous bike rides this summer. You’ll benefit all year long from it.

See you on the roads and trails!

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