Vancouver 2012: The bicycling world comes knocking

It’s not often that the world beats a path (practically) to your doorstep, and it’s even more unusual when it arrives by bicycle.
But that’s what will happen in June 2012 when Velo-city, the world’s largest conference of cycling planners and advocates, comes to Vancouver, B.C. 
Velo-city, organized by the well-established European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF), brings together urban planners, cycling advocates, government representatives, and politicians from around the world to share ideas and discuss strategies for getting more people on bicycles.
Velo-city began 30 years ago as a conference for European cycling advocates. The event went global for the first time this year. By all accounts the 2010 conference, held in Copenhagen, was a smashing success, bringing together about 1,100 people from 60 countries.
The 2012 conference will be a golden opportunity for Northwest cycling advocates to mingle with, and learn from, their counterparts from other parts of the world. It’ll also be an opportunity for local planners to learn about best practices elsewhere, and for local politicians to learn that cycling can play a valuable role in solving urban transportation problems.
For more on the 2012 Vancouver Velo-city conference, see this article in Momentum magazine’s online edition.

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