King County Alert: Snoqualmie Valley Trail Closure

From King County Parks:

The contractor has begun work on the site this week for the Sinnema Quaale Upper Revetment Project of the Snoaualmie River. The project is requiring a stretch of the Snoqualmie Valley Trail to be temporarily closed until approximately October 31. The closure will extend from approximately 1 1/2 miles south of NE 124th Street to two miles north of the Stillwater Natural Area.

Temporary closures of the trail began on Monday where the trail will reopen in the evenings after the construction crew completes their activities for the day. Complete closure of the trail is anticipated to go into effect later this week. No detour will be available.

For more detailed information on this project and closure, visit the Sinnema Quaale Upper Revetment Analysis and Repair Project webpage where you can subscribe to project updates. You can also read the press release here.

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