Write Your Ride

Cycling on Cottonwood Road.

We all have our favorite bike rides. Maybe it’s a local trail or a ride to an interesting destination. Maybe it’s more epic, like riding around the Olympic Peninsula, biking the entire length of the John Wayne Trail, or biking the perimeter of our state.

Whatever your ride, we invite you to share it with us. Your favorite trail ride might become someone else’s next bike ride. Another cyclist’s overnight bike tour may be your next adventure. Come on, write your ride!

Before you plunge in: Read these tips on writing about bike travel. They’re aimed at people contemplating writing a book, and that won’t fit in our form! But the advice can help you think about what information people will value and what will inspire others to follow in your bike tracks.

Write Your Ride!

Thank you for choosing to write your ride. Your route descriptions will help others learn about great places to ride a bicycle. If selected, Washington Bikes will post your ride to this blog.

Try to keep the route description between 1000-1500 words. Link to websites or other interesting webpages by including the web addresses in brackets next to the word(s) they should be linked to in the post.
Quickly, what are the things that someone needs to see or experience on the ride? What's the best coffee shop, bakery, or restaurant on the route? The viewpoint you shouldn't miss?

Required upload size: 516MB

Select a photo to send to us. If need be, let us know in the fields above about additional photos to include in your post.
In a sentence or two, tell us a little about you. Feel free to include links to your website or blog.

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