#WaveBack, Washington: Make the First of Each Month Friendly

#wavebackWA graphic by Brian Fung

Spread the #waveback love. Whether you bike, drive, or walk, wave back at people the first of every month (and the rest of the days, while you’re at it).

Thanks to a rapid-fire Twitter exchange May 31, 2015, we’re hoping you’ll make Brian Fung’s #WaveBack hashtag trend the first of every month.

Brian created a cool graphic for #waveback and promoted it on his own for April 1. We spotted it cruising Twitter and asked if he wanted to talk it up every month. Brian went for it and created a couple of graphic options — one for Seattle, one for all of Washington state.

What next? Do the waveback, of course. It’s similar to a movement Adam Butler is trying to start in Austin that we wrote about in our piece on kindness; we like having our homegrown version out there as well.

  • Wave at people while you’re out riding around.
  • Right-click and download either of these graphics to share in social media. (Square size makes it easy to use one as your avatar.)
  • Post about it in social media with #waveback. Add #wavebackWA and your city’s abbreviation such as #wavebackSEA #waveback253 (Tacoma) #wavebackSPO if you want to add some local flavor.
  • Ping us with @WAbikes on Twitter, #WAbikes on Instagram, or a tag of our Facebook page. We’ll watch for these and round them up so you can watch the wave growing.
  • Win something: We’ll give away a WA Bikes coffee mug to a couple of you who participate if you sign up for our e-news and put #waveback in the comment field.

[Tweet “I’m going to #waveback the 1st of each month (and other days). Join me. #wavebackWA”]


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