Connections for Kate

Young white blonde woman wearing red sweater with orange bicycle in front of a purple house with white trim

What keeps Kate from riding more often to more places? The need for more complete, connected bike networks.

“I just rode 9.7 miles! About to do it again on the way home. I feel like a SUPERWOMAN.” 

–Kate, Spokane, 24-year-old care team coordinator for a home health agency

Kate isn’t an everyday rider. Not even close. The exhilarating sensation of freedom and strength she felt riding her bike from Spokane to the Spokane Valley that day was a first for her.

She can’t really afford the old car she drives, with its constant repair bills, and bicycling supplemented with transit can give her more affordable transportation options.

What’s holding her back from riding more places more often?

Connections.  Or rather, missing connections. 

What Kinds of Connections?

The physical connections we’re working for right now in the legislature: complete, comfortable bike networks, trail projects, safer street designs around schools that slow drivers and create better neighborhoods.

The legislative connections we’re creating as we build new bipartisan bridges, make new legislative friends, connect in the state capitol for better bicycling.

The personal connections we create for advocates with our staff as resources to help you make a difference, and the inspiration from the Washington Bike Summit we just held last month that connected advocates with planners, engineers, elected officials, and leaders from the bicycle industry. (An event we’ll repeat every year.)


GiveBIG until midnight Tuesday May 5 to help us get more people like Kate rolling


What Bicycle Advocacy Means for People like Kate

Kate just isn’t willing to mix it up with too much traffic to get where she’s going, and Washington is home to so many like her. That’s what keeps us working so hard.

When the effective state advocacy of Washington Bikes grows investments in bicycling and walking—nearly $100 million in state funding in the last 10 years alone, thanks to your help—we make a real difference.

We keep at it because we’re a long way from getting all the would-be riders like Kate on bikes.

  • Too many signs that read “Bike Lane Ends.”
  • Too many unsafe intersections with signals that don’t detect bicycles.*
  • Too many gaps in trails that prevent us from having full regional networks.

YOU are the missing link. When you contact your legislators and support our ability to work in the legislature we can connect more people with the joy of riding. (Or should we say the superpower?)

If you’re in Spokane and spot Superwoman on a tangerine orange bike, take a minute to connect with Kate.

Take action now: Contact your legislators about the importance of investing in biking/walking connections.

Have a story to share about a great ride — or what could make it better? We’d love to tell it. Contact Louise.


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