Bike Maps

Are you ready to try biking to work or school but you’re unsure of a decent route?  Are you interested in finding new bike trails to explore?  Maybe you want to explore a particular part of the state by bike but you’re not familiar with the area.
There’s a good chance that there’s a bike map out there that can assist you with planning your routes and adventures.  Many of our cities and counties have produced bike maps that show routes commonly used by bicyclists.  They can help you find low-traffic streets, streets with bike lanes or shoulders, and local bike trails.  There’s even a state bike map produced by WSDOT.
Do you live in Vancouver and work in Portland?  You’re in luck!  The City of Vancouver has a bike map that includes bike routes in Portland.  You can request a hard copy of the bike map or view it online.  Check here for details.
Maybe you’re a freshman at Western Washington University and you brought your bike to campus but you’re not familiar with Bellingham area.  No worries.  Just get your hands on the Bellingham and Whatcom County bike maps.
Are you itching to explore the John WayneTrail or the Olympic Discovery Trail?  Maybe you’d like to spend time touring the Columbia River Gorge or the Walla Walla wine country.  There are maps to assist you with route finding.
A section of the Bicycle Alliance website is dedicated to bike maps.  You’ll find links to many bike and trail maps, most of which can be viewed and downloaded.  You’ll also find links to sites that allow users to post their favorite bike rides and map their own routes.  Check it out!
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