Rumbling (again) about rumble strips

Rumble strips were incorrectly applied on Whidbey Island.
Rumble strips are the bane of existence for many cyclists, and the Bicycle Alliance has wrangled with Washington State DOT over their application of this device in the past.  Here’s a link to past posts that mention rumble strips.  Well, rumble strips are rearing up again—this time at the federal level.
Bad news:  The Federal Highway Administration recently issued a technical advisory that essentially gives the green light to extensive use of rumble strips.  Read Adventure Cycling Association’s take on it here.
Good news:  Several years ago, the Bicycle Alliance worked with WSDOT to create a set of rumblestrip guidelines with bicyclists in mind.  Since the FHWA released a technical advisory, WSDOT is not required to follow it and will continue to use its own guidelines.
The Bicycle Alliance will continue to work with Adventure Cycling and our other national partners to try to improve the rumble strip situation for all cyclists.  We also need your help.  If you believe that there has been an incorrect installation of rumble strips in your area, contact the WSDOT bicycle coordinator and your regional WSDOT bicycle coordinator, and notify the Bicycle Alliance.
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