I Bike: Izabelle Anderson

Izabelle proudly poses with her bike.

Although Izabelle Anderson of Bellingham is only 8 years old,  she has been riding her bike for “a hundred years.”  She proudly bikes to school on her pink bicycle decorated with flowers and equipped with a basket.

Biking is Izabelle’s favorite way to get to school.  She likes to bike because she gets exercise, has a lot of fun, and she likes to play on her bike.  Sometimes she even rides in the rain.

When asked what her first memories of biking are, Izabelle responded, “I remember that I got to look around when I was on the back of my Mom’s bike. I also remember crashing my bike when I had training wheels and I went too fast down a hill.”  The coolest thing she has seen from a bike seat is a raccoon.

Does she have any advice for folks thinking about taking up biking?  You bet.

“Always wear your helmet and be safe all the time. Wear hand gloves. Ride in a straight line, don’t go back and forth, back and forth because you might crash,” stated Izabelle.  ” I love to bike!” she adds.

Tell us your story!  I Bike is a project of the Bicycle Alliance of Washington to put a personal face on bicycling when we talk to elected officials and the public.  Contact Louise McGrody if you’d like to share your I Bike story with us.

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    Make way for Izabelle and the next generation of bicycle advocates!