Tonight: Kinetic Bike-Inspired Sculptures in Nord Alley

bicycle prayer wheel

Prayer Wheel

Tonight in Nord Alley, New Mystics will present 5 kinetic sculptures drawn directly from their oneiric experience of freedom–riding bikes. Cycling represents a slowing down of machine time, liberty from clocks and bus schedules, and human powered traversal of terrain. It is also, at its best, a metaphysical meditation.

Natural Movement is comprised of five new sculptures referencing the sacred geometry found in Buddhist sand painting and prayer practices. The “Dream Machines” are four sculptures featuring human powered, painted mandalas mounted on scavenged bicycle wheels, connected through a series of bicycle based clockwork.

Give “Prayer Wheel” a spin when you are in Nord Alley and release the energy of the cyclist prayers inscribed on the wheel. Composed of discarded BMX wheels, Prayer Wheel references a traditional Buddhist prayer wheel and features poems written by the New Mystic members.

Prayer Wheel, through the grace of Nord Building owner Todd Vogel and with support from Back Alley Bike Repair, will remain permanently installed in Nord Alley to continue sending positive messages through the cyclesphere in Seattle. New Mystics is excited about making a lasting contribution to a community that has empowered and entertained them for so long. NM also expressed their thanks to Davis Sign Company for their support in engineering and constructing Natural Movement.

Artist Reception

TONIGHT the New Mystics, along with International Sustainability Institute, will host 3 hours of cycling centered conversation and live music featuring NM members Specs One, Wizdumb, and the DJ team Phone Sex Operators. Join us for FREE in NORD ALLEY from 5 – 8 pm to celebrate the installation of the NATURAL MOVEMENT show. There will be surprises, and a group ride out to sunset somewhere….

New Mystics, individually and collectively, works to produce and comment on urban art, most often existing outside the purview of the gallery or museum, but sometimes within it.

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  1. Posted January 19, 2015 at 7:36 am | Permalink

    I joined it. It was fantastic. The crowd, the enthusiasm….Had a new friendship from that event too. Will never forget that feeling!